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What is a MP3-CD?

Regular CDs have a little over one hour of audio.  MP3-CDs look exactly like regular CDs but can contain over 15 hours of audio with the same high quality as regular CDs.  This allows complete multi-day seminars or audio books to be contained on one CD.  You get a great value but at a much lower cost than paying for several CDs and without the hassle of keeping track of lots of CDs.

This seminar is also available on regular audio CDs but it is a separate price and much more since it usually takes four or more CDs instead of one.

To listen to MP3-CDs you MUST have:
1. A CD player that plays MP3.  If your CD player will play MP3s, it will usually have MP3 written on the player.  Many car CD players will play MP3s but most factory installed car CD players will NOT play MP3s.

2. A DVD player.  Over 90% of DVD players will play MP3-CDs.  You simply listen to the MP3-CD through your TV or home theater system.  Most DVD players even have menus that allow you to see all of the files and titles of each file.

3. A computer with sound.  Virtually all modern computers have speakers and a CD or DVD drive.  The software to play MP3 files is usually installed when you buy the computer.  If not, free MP3 players are easily downloaded from the internet.  The most popular ones are Windows Media Player and Winamp.

4. An IPOD, iPhone, Android phone or other portable MP3 player.  You can also use your computer to transfer the files to portable MP3 players.

5. You can also transfer the files on the MP3-CD to your computer hard drive and listen from the hard drive of your computer.

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